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Dr. Yana Shampansky
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Meet Dr. Yana

About Dr. Yana

When I moved from Russia to the U.S. 25 years ago, my first job was in a dental office. I knew I wanted to go into medicine, but up until then, I wasn’t sure which specialty was right for me. My job at the dental office inspired me to pursue dentistry as a career, and after graduating from USC’s dental school, I knew exactly what I wanted to do: Invisalign. This was an unusual choice, but I’ve been an Invisalign specialist my entire 15 years as a dentist and I’ve loved every day. Invisalign is perfect for me because I’m such a social person. I love patient interaction and getting to become friends with the people I see. With Invisalign, my patients are happy to see me and aren’t scared to come in. Because of that, my whole office vibe is different. I’ve built a happy practice which patients enjoy visiting. While they’re here, I deliver pain-free, beautiful smiles in a fun, upbeat environment where a good dose of humor is always the order of the day.

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Dr. Yana Shampansky, DDS

SkyLounge - The Best Place To GET INVISALIGN

Invisalign Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

At the SkyLounge™, Dr. Yana Shampansky offers world-class Invisalign care to patients from all over the world. We are the nation's first Invisalign-only practice, located in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Many people believe Invisalign is a product, that it’s an item you can buy anywhere and get the same results. Truth is, Invisalign is a very doctor-driven procedure—the movement of teeth around the mouth is controlled by a doctor who strategically directs the progression and building of aligners based on the doctor's expertise and experience.

Dr. Yana is one of the nation’s most elite Invisalign providers. She handles complex cases from around the world and is the preferred provider who Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists refer to for Invisalign.

She offers accelerated orthodontic treatment and can give patients beautiful smiles in six months rather than twelve. Though her smiles have been featured in films, magazines, and TV shows around the world, Dr. Yana maintains her down-to-earth, easygoing personality that patients love her for. She’s built her office, the SkyLounge™, to be the type of place where everyone can feel comfortable—with a warm and welcoming office staff, no wait time, serene decor, and a gorgeous skyline view.

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What People Are Saying About SKYLOUNGE

  • She personally called me to talk about my treatment! Every time I visit she answers all my questions in full detail, while going the extra mile to make sure I'm happy.

    SYD B.

  • You could not feel more welcomed into a dentist's office. Such an amazing and thoughtful person that is always smiling and in general just a pretty great lady.

    Stephan B.

  • Dr. Yana is the best! She looked at my teeth which I thought were bad and assured me that it was easily correctable.

    JAVY M.

  • Dr. Yana will always be the doctor that I will recommend to anyone that I come across. I owe my perfect smile and teeth to her!




Dr. Yana is one of the most respected and trusted clear teeth alignment dentists in the Los Angeles area...

Patient-Centered Care

We focus on the people in front of us, take plenty of time to meet everyone’s needs, answer all their questions...

Dental Concierge Service

If you’re traveling internationally, we can have you picked up at the airport and arrange travel to and from your hotel to our office...


Our office is not in-network with any insurance, however, we provide claim information to our patients as a courtesy so they can submit independently to their insurance companies. Insurance does cover a portion of Invisalign treatment the same way it covers traditional metal braces. We’re happy to help you with as much of the process as we can!

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