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Teenage Invisalign

Invisalign for Teens

Dr. Yana is very popular with her teenage patients when they realize that their treatment can be invisible. Learn about the flexibility of Invisalign…

Invisalign For Teens

Invisalign for Adults

Invisalign For Adults

Adults can also enjoy undetectable teeth straightening. Dr. Yana helps people maximize Invisalign without interfering with their everyday schedule…

Invisalign for Adults

Maximize Invisalign

Maximize Invisalign

Dentists come to Dr. Shampansky to learn to fully maximize Invisalign technology. Her program ensures that the Invisalign dentist hones his or her skills…

Maximize Invisalign
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Dr. Yana Shampansky The Invisalign Dentist People Trust and Love

People have an excellent choice for straightening their teeth with Invisalign and now they have an even better reason, Invisalign dentist Dr. Yana Shampansky in Beverly Hills! Dr. Yana, as she is called by her patients, has a gift with Invisalign and can make the process perform just like braces.

Invisalign allows people to straighten their teeth without braces using clear, soft plastic aligner trays. Even the most severe misalignment can be straightened with the Invisalign process in the hands of Dr. Yana.

Dr. Yana is Known For Her…

  • Dedication to your straight teeth
  • Skill with application

  • Nearly 100% patient satisfaction!

Invisalign Dentist Dr. Yana says:

“You Can Have Straight Teeth Without Braces”

Many of us are born with a smile that just isn’t straight. And often times, people don’t want to wear noticeable braces to get the smile they desire. Nearly 1,200 people have discovered the talent of Invisalign dentist Dr. Yana because she has a gift for customizing the process for them. 

Teens come to Invisalign Dentist Dr. Yana because they want a straight smile that won’t interfere with their school activities and their lifestyle. Adults come to Dr. Yana because they have decided to finally reward themselves with straight, white teeth and enjoy the benefits of removable trays.

Both teens and adults come to Dr. Yana because Invisalign is…

  • Smooth and clear
  • Removable
  • Wireless
  • Bracket free
  • Undetectable

 invisalign specialist Welcome

A Highly Skilled Invisalign Dentist

Why do so many patients and dentists recommend Dr. Yana?

1) She completely connects with people in a few minutes and… 

2) Her Premiere Advanced Invisalign care

Dr. Shampansky’s talent with Invisalign has made her a patient and dentist favorite. Dentists send their patients to Dr. Yana because of her unique and specialized approach.
Dr. Shampansky has been ranked as an Invisalign Preferred Provider and an Elite Preferred Provider due to her dedication to the program. For Dr. Yana, Invisalign is a way of life.

Experience Invisalign Dentist Dr. Yana’s talent at fully optimizing this straightening procedure just for you, call her today!

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