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Dr. Yana Shampansky, DDS

Yana Shampansky, DDS

Invisalign Dentist

About Dr. Yana

Loved and respected by patients and colleagues alike, Dr. Yana is known for her genuinely warm, fun-loving nature as well as her intellectual prowess.

Originally from Moscow, Russia, she graduated from the USC School of Dentistry in 2001. In 2002, she completed her Invisalign certification and never looked back. Having found her professional passion, she chose to focus exclusively on Invisalign and—studying under top Invisalign mentors—very rapidly became one of the most sought-after Invisalign dentists in Southern California.

For years, she worked in-house for other top-tier dental practices, building up their Invisalign departments before opening a practice of her own. Today, LA’s top dental talent and dentists from around the country still rely on her expertise as a consultant to help them design treatment plans for their most challenging Invisalign cases.

Dr. Yana worked hard to bring her SkyLounge to life. For years, she dreamed of creating the perfect office that blended comfort with a stylish, relaxing atmosphere and world-class care. She’s excited to practice dentistry differently than anyone else in her field. In her penthouse office, she books at least 30 minutes with every patient—even if it’s just a check-in to ensure trays are still fitting properly.

Above all else, Dr. Yana loves laughing with her patients. She enjoys providing Invisalign because it improves people’s lives so dramatically, and she loves all the time she has to get to know her patients really well. People are her focus and everyone can tell.

Her world-class talent is how people find her, but her personality and contagious laughter are why people love her.

I like Invisalign because I’m a social person. It’s the human aspect of dental medicine that I love the most.

Personal Interests

I am the definition of a people person. I live for people and I love building relationships with my patients while I work. Outside of my practice, I keep in touch with friends and mostly just spend time with my incredible family. I’m a mother to three, and we have two huge dogs—including a Great Dane who’s the size of the five of us.

Other than that, I’m a huge foodie. I love to go eat. I try to take long lunch breaks during the week so I can spend time with great friends and try new places. This means I’m a wealth of information for all my patients; if you ever want a restaurant recommendation, don’t forget to ask me!

Dr. YANA offers world-class Invisalign services


Dr. Yana is one of the most respected and trusted clear teeth alignment dentists in the Los Angeles area...

Patient-Centered Care

We focus on the people in front of us, take plenty of time to meet everyone’s needs, answer all their questions...

Dental Concierge Service

If you’re traveling internationally, we can have you picked up at the airport and arrange travel to and from your hotel to our office...

What People Are saying About Dr. Yana

  • She personally called me to talk about my treatment! Every time I visit she answers all my questions in full detail, while going the extra mile to make sure I'm happy.

    SYD B.

  • You could not feel more welcomed into a dentist's office. Such an amazing and thoughtful person that is always smiling and in general just a pretty great lady.

    Stephan B.

  • Dr. Yana is the best! She looked at my teeth which I thought were bad and assured me that it was easily correctable.

    JAVY M.

  • Dr. Yana will always be the doctor that I will recommend to anyone that I come across. I owe my perfect smile and teeth to her!


Education and Experience

After graduating from Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC in 2001, Dr. Yana started practicing in the Los Angeles area. She worked as an Invisalign specialist at several high-end cosmetic dental offices around the city before striking out on her own in 2013 and opening SkyLounge. Though she doesn’t work in the smaller dental offices anymore, she still accepts patients who are referred to her from all around.

  • 2001
    Dental School

    USC School of Dentistry

  • 2002
    Invisalign Certified
  • 2010
    Invisalign Elite Provider


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American Academy of Cosmetic Orthodontics
Board Member

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