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Not your average dental care office.

Invisalign in Beverly Hills

The SkyLounge is unlike any other dentist office you’ve ever been to. We pride ourselves on being different. Dr. Yana is a preeminent Invisalign specialist and can straighten teeth using state-of-the-art, noninvasive technology for over 90 percent of the patients who walk in our door—compare that to 50–60 percent everywhere else. Her 12-plus years of focus on Invisalign has allowed her to excel with the technology in ways other cosmetic orthodontists cannot. Whether you’re looking to realign your teeth after braces, straighten your teeth for the first time ever, or sort out your teeth before a major smile makeover, Dr. Yana’s SkyLounge is the best choice. We focus on treating our patients well, making people laugh, and giving them amazing smiles.


Dr. Yana prides herself on being a different type of dentist. She’s created a unique, patient-centered practice at SkyLounge. She is invested in making dentistry a less painful, more fun, human-centered profession. Patients are seen one at a time, with plenty of "padding" time for their visits, so they are not rushed—plus, they are never treated by assistants, as is the case in many other practices.

A huge part of Dr. Yana's professional fulfillment comes through creating friendly relationships with patients. Dr. Yana is a truly social person who genuinely enjoys sharing helpful tips, advice, and experiences with the patients who are part of her practice. This creates a very comfortable, welcoming, unpretentious relationship between doctor and patient. Her patients from a decade ago still come find her when they are ready for new retainers.

The SkyLounge Team

At the SkyLounge, we love getting to know our patients and building them beautiful smiles. Our whole team is dedicated to making every patient comfortable, the care convenient, and the overall experience fun.

“I love working at the SkyLounge because we get to make patients happy all day. This is a very playful environment, and I like that we not only make people comfortable, but we also get to make them laugh. Dr. Yana and I have a ton of fun with our patients, and it’s incredible to see the smiles they leave with.”

Adriane, SkyLounge Manager