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Patient-Centered Care in Beverly Hills

I try to bring a human connection back to dentistry because to me, people are everything. I like making my patients happy and building relationships with them. Delivering beautiful smiles is what I’m excellent at, but making people happy is what I love.

At the SkyLounge, we’re motivated from a different place. We’re not trying to rush patients through our process and crunch lots of chairs into a small office to get more patients or more money. We focus on the people in front of us, take plenty of time to meet everyone’s needs, answer all their questions, and try our best to do it all in a beautiful, relaxing space.

We pride ourselves on treating each patient the same way—whether you just won an Oscar, picked your kids up from soccer practice, or got off a 12-hour shift at work. We hear that it’s our down-to-earth personalities and easygoing natures that patients love the most, so that’s what we share with everyone who comes here.