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Invisalign in Beverly Hills

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We are the nation’s only Invisalign-only practice. Dr. Yana’s focus and specialization have allowed her to become one of the most respected and trusted clear teeth alignment dentists in the Los Angeles area.

Below, Dr. Yana has answered some of the most common questions about Invisalign to help you understand the process and better decide if it’s right for you.


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a brand of clear dental aligners that are an alternative to braces. Invisalign treatment is a noninvasive solution to gradually straighten teeth over a matter of months so patients can be confident in their smiles and avoid health problems associated with misaligned teeth. The process involves initial scans of your mouth, fine tuning with a computer program, 3D aligner printing, and then regular six-week check-ins and progress updates. Patients generally start seeing results in two to three months and can be done with their treatment in as little as six months—although most take about a year.

What is the first visit like?

Patients react to their first visit here with surprise. They’ve never been to an office as open and relaxing as ours, and the way we greet people speaks volumes about how we treat them.

I normally do a complimentary consultation for patients to explain what Invisalign is and how the process works, and I’ll do a brief exam. By checking out their teeth, I can give them an estimate of how long their treatment will take, what their expectations should be, and any potential limitations.

Luckily, I generally have extremely good news for patients. Most dentists who just do Invisalign treatments occasionally can only accommodate about 60 percent of their patients who want Invisalign. I can help over 90 percent of my patients who want Invisalign because I have the expertise and skills to help them get the smile they want.

Our first step after patients decide to go with Invisalign starts with a dental scan. We don’t use the gooey substance most practices use to take molds with. Instead, we take scans of your mouth and import them to a computer that renders a 3D model.

Are all Invisalign providers the same?

Definitely not. This is one of the most common misconceptions about Invisalign. People believe it is a product when in fact it is a dental technique.

The more experience a provider has and the more specialized they are, the better your smile will be. When I take scans and upload them to get a 3D rendering of your mouth, Invisalign generates a basic pathway for providers to get from A to B. I then spend a great deal of attention refining the basic treatment plan to optimize comfort and results.

What most people don’t realize is that there are an incredible number of subtleties to the art of straightening teeth. I always tell people that it’s like choreography. A ton of knowledge goes into what can be expected and what can be achieved.

Invisalign is a doctor-driven process, so when you choose a provider, you want to find an expert with a track record for success and lots of beautiful smiles.

How long does the average Invisalign treatment take?

The process generally takes about a year, although some cases are more difficult and take longer. Others that are extremely straightforward can be done in as little as a few months.

Can you show me what my teeth will look like when they’re done?

Yes! I can show you a predictive outcome while you’re still in my office.

I also follow that up with a more definitive movie of your teeth’s prescribed movement after your consultation visit with me. It shows stage-by-stage how your teeth will move.

I can go in and alter each stage just slightly to make it even more perfect. I don’t tell Invisalign to make trays until we’re both totally happy with what the results will be. The entire process, from the first consultation to getting your first set of aligners, takes about three weeks.

Can anything go wrong?

Unlike with traditional braces, there are very few emergencies with Invisalign. The most common mishap is patients not wearing their trays, or patients losing their trays.

When patients neglect to wear their trays after their teeth have already started moving with Invisalign, the results can be jumbled. Patient’s teeth can move in unexpected ways, and most less-experienced dentists don’t know how to get a patient back on track—I do.

I’m the go-to person for many cosmetic and general dentists in the Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and greater LA area when things go wrong. My 12-plus years of expertise with Invisalign make me stand out as someone my peers can trust and send their patients to.

Should patients lose trays, I can easily have new ones made and sent to a patient, or delivered to the office if a patient can stop by.

Is Invisalign affordable?

The cost of Invisalign is extremely similar to braces. Total fees range from $3,500 to $6,500, depending on the complexity of the case and how long patients have to be in treatment.

That price includes everything from all office visits to all the aligners you need, and for full cases, mid-course corrections and refinements. The only thing not included in the price is the potential for lost trays, which we would sort out quickly (and affordably) for you, and after-treatment retainers.

Because pricing is highly individualized, the best way to determine the price is for you to set up a free consultation with me.

Can children or seniors get Invisalign?

Young children cannot get Invisalign. Patients must have a full set of fully grown adult teeth to be eligible. Generally, that’s when kids are around 13 years old.That said, I’m happy to see eligible kids, seniors, and everyone in between at my practice!

Are there health benefits?

Yes! It’s something that most people don’t think about, but having straight teeth actually makes them easier to clean, helps you have better breath, and reduces the risk of infection, not to mention the chipping and unnatural wear that accompany misaligned teeth. In fact, straight, healthy teeth last longer. As we live longer and longer, our teeth are asked to do more and more. Taking care of them is important so you can keep your real teeth as long as possible!Straight teeth also help people feel more confident, happy, and less stressed! And they’re a great reason to smile!

What are Invisalign retainers?

Every patient needs retainers to wear at night after they finish their initial treatments; retainers are there to prevent teeth from moving.

They’re a little bit thicker than the aligner trays used during your treatment, but they also help protect your teeth at night from grinding, which can save you headaches and costly tooth restorations.

Do you teach Invisalign?

I don’t formally train new dentists in Invisalign because I prefer to spend my time interacting with patients. However, I do mentor my colleagues. There are so many dentists in the LA area who want to expand their practices and start offering services like Invisalign because of how awesome and effective it is.

I help local doctors on an informal, one-on-one basis with everything from their online setup to guidance in more difficult cases. People are my favorite part of practicing, so I tie the mentorship I do into real patient care.

Are you available to contact in case of an emergency?

Yes! Although there are very few emergencies with Invisalign other than accidentally losing a set of aligners, I am available to my patients 24/7.

My staff and I just upgraded our patient communication software, so we are now all alerted when a patient sends us a text. That allows all of us to respond faster so patients hardly have any time to stress before they get a professional response.

Before they leave with their first aligners, I make sure every patient has my number.